How to Write a Process Essay and Succeed

Have you ever searched in Google by typing “How to?” Those “how-to” articles are only indicators of the process essay. But, in this article, you will get valuable information about how to write a “how-to” essay, or how to write a process essay more easily. You will eventually get to know essential elements, the structure as well as a wide variety of topics of process essays, which will help you to cope with writing this type of essays.

What Is a Process Essay — Find the Definition

The process essay definition might seem scary, but it is actually very simple. With the arrival of the high-speed Internet, we can find answers to all the questions we might ask. How to cook something, how to identify a bug in the programming code, how to change the saturation effect in Photoshop, how does a computer work, or even how to write “how to” essays! So, let’s get started!

We define a process essay to be the one that answers the questions of “how to do something” or “how does something work?”. There are different ways and different approaches of writing process essays. The most typical ways are the numerical (Step one, step two, etc.) and chronological order (if you are talking about the historicism or some historical events).

With that in mind, you should already know the purpose of writing your essay. Do you want just to describe how to use a product, or instead explain how you use this product? Depending on this, it will help you to define the structure and format of a process essay.

Writing a Process Essay in the Most Effective Way

How to start a process essay? Where should you begin? What is the process essay structure? Of course, you start with the goal and with your topic. Knowing your goal will help you to define how to write an essay while knowing your topic will help you to determine what to write.

If you want to make a more personal connection with your audience, you can describe your experience of using the product or your review of how something is working. If you want to call an audience for action, you represent not only how to use the object, but also add why and so what answers.

Process Essay Structure: What Do You Need?

In the schools and colleges, we are always taught to begin writing the essays with the making up an outline, rough draft, getting feedback, and then the final draft. But we always started with brainstorming, right? The whole process should be enjoyable. Therefore, the first step is brainstorming different ways of delivering what you want to say to your audience.

That is your independent job to be creative as much as you can, considering the needs of the target audience and your personal motivation. After accomplishing brainstorming and when you have successfully identified the major topic of your essay, the next step is the outline and structure. And here is the plan for you, which will help you with outlining the essay. But, why is it so important to have a structure?

People say the structure is the king. Because it’s the structure that gives you much freedom to explore your interests and bring new ideas to the structured area.

  • Thesis statement. You might now believe, but, yes, you will need a fully developed thesis, or as teachers told us the research question. If you are describing the product or the process such as memorization, say to the audience why it is crucial for them and how this will help them in achieving their goals. That’s everything you need for a thesis.
  • Introduction. Many people integrate a thesis into their introduction. So, the first part of your essay should be ready to go.
  • Body Paragraph. In this part, you eventually do a step-by-step description or provide the audience with different methods of using the process, or a numerical/chronological approach to how something works.
  • Conclusion. In the concluding part of your essay, you should restate why this product/process is important as well as mention all the highlights from your body part paragraph.

Process Essay Topics and Excellent Ideas

There are lots of great ideas for a process essay, however, what is more important, is the way you deliver information. Our tip for you is to describe and write as many details as it is possible in your essay. Why? First of all, you will show your audience that you are an expert in the field. And secondly, it will make your content outstanding among others. Let’s look at some examples of process essay topics:

  • How to cope with stress during the college time.
  • How to use Korean skincare products.
  • How to develop a good app on the basis of social media.
  • How to use the graphic illustrator patterns and preserve your original style.
  • How to stay cool while having an anxiety attack.

Literally everything from such scientific fields as neurobiology to the simplest basic daily things.

Process Essay Outline Instructions

We already talked about the general structure of your essays, but what is really important is the process essay outline. An outline will give you a broader outlook on what you would like to say to the audience. We recommend to look at this sample:

  • General Information and Thesis statement
  • Central Paragraphs (Body)
    • Step 1
    • Step 2 etc.
  • Concluding notes
    • Your personal message

Process essay writing might seem daunting, but it is vital to have fun and learn new things along with it!