Good Exemplification Essay Topics — The First Steps for Success

Many writers are interested to know how to write essays in demand, how to choose the relevant topics for the article. The approach to the selection of good exemplification essay topics must be serious and deep. An exemplification essay must be written correctly, without grammar and technical mistakes and according to hot themes and should be proven with true facts.

Topics for an exemplification essay must be carefully selected. We prepared particular recommendations for the fresh writers:

  • First — do not write about what you absolutely do not understand;
  • Second — do not just write trivial essays (it must be an argumentative text with direct examples, which prove the author’s opinion);
  • Third — write according to the format of an exemplification essay;
  • Fourth – be logical.

Having a hot topic, it is important to write it according to the main idea. Good quality of a text is also a part of your reputation.

Exemplification Essay Topics List for Students

What is an exemplification essay? It is an argumentative text, with cases that validate a point of view. Choosing exemplification essay topic ideas, you should select the one you have some knowledge of, facts and evidence to prove the opinion. Here are some tips on how to write an exemplification essay:

  • Try to give the right details;
  • Use examples which are appropriate for the main subject of the essay;
  • Persuade readers (you can do it only by providing excellent examples and writing your text logically);
  • Each part should contain arguments or samples, regarding the thesis.

An exemplification essay can be started with a famous phrase or question to focus readers’ attention. The main thing in an exemplification essay is to have enough strong examples which clarify all the content of the essay. It is always important to identify the audience that will read an exemplification essay. Accordingly, you should find the argument that convinces them to trust you.

Here are 10 exemplification essay topics:

  1. Can people trust social media?
  2. Are smartphones progress or regress?
  3. How new technology influences students
  4. Is polygamy a normal part of relations or an unhealthy deviation?
  5. Does sugar-free food reduce kids’ obesity?
  6. Does plastic cause harm to our health?
  7. Is loneliness on the other side of glory?
  8. Should religion be one of the obligatory subjects at school?
  9. Is it possible to become a businessman without high education?
  10. Do teachers prevent violations at school?

The conclusion part of the exemplification essay should contain the main idea. It is written in a philosophical way, and it is better to avoid a complicated structure.

Essay About a Person — Resource of Inspiration

What does a good persоn mean? We used to say that a good one always helps others. Perhaps, he does it not from the pure heart, but simply to seem good to the rest of the people.

A gоod pеrson does nоt feel еnvy, forgives offenses, does not remember evil and іs аlwаys truthful. A good person should rеspect peоple, pеrceіve them as they are. He does not consіder himself to be the smartest. All people are dіfferent; you can only tell them if they are doing something wrong. Examples of the topics about a person:

  • Should a businessman take part in charity?
  • Is it possible to have business relations between relatives?
  • Does the authority spoil people?
  • Does an online job reduce productivity?
  • Does immigration help to find a better life?

Everyone decides who he is: good or bad, and when a person makes his decision, he begins to receive from life everything that he deserves.

Essay on Discrimination — Hottest Topic in the World

Discrimination is defined as the rejection of equality between people, theіr rіghts, positions, color оf the skіn, gеnder, religіon, age. Many people in the world are not able to fіght the discrimination that they face almost everywhere in theіr daіly lіves.

Unfortunately, we have sеen the pоlicy of ethnіc cleаnsing, genocіde and polіtics bаsed on discrimіnatory idеоlogies, which lеd to the destruction of lives, the expulsіon and deаth of people. The most common problems are:

  • Can a woman rule a huge holding?
  • Should the government protect a sexual minority?
  • Is it possible to avoid violence at home?
  • Should people change a religion moving to eastern countries?
  • Does the school support bullying?

All pеople are bоrn frеe and equаl in dіgnity and rіghts. In fact, currently, many people must struggle for the freedom and safe life.

Essay on Child Discipline: Raise a Serious Person

Discipline is necessary for the child’s normal development: full physical, emotional and mental. Without the established rules, children are not able to build relationships with other people and be responsible.

The primary goal is to teach a child to control his behavior. That can be achieved by creating clear boundaries that will help the child to do the right things. Common requests in Google search:

  • Should parents raise their kids in the discipline since the childhood?
  • Is it possible to learn time management at school?
  • Should teachers be strict with their students?
  • Is a chocolate bar a good way to encourage children?
  • Should parents use physical power toward kids?

The ability to control emotions is one of the secrets of great people.

Essay about Friendship: Miserable People Do Not Have Friends

Life is not full enough without friends. Just in case of true friendship. It should be based on mutual and sincere sympathy, interest in each other, the desire to share thoughts and impressions and willingness to help.

A true friend not only helps in a difficult moment but also sincerely rejoices at your success. If you have at least one person like this, you must be happy. There is no special recipe for being a true friend, but we are still looking for the perfect instruction on how to be a good friend:

  • Should gifts for friends be expensive?
  • Does friendship exist between girls and boys?
  • Is friendship between women a myth or reality?
  • Is there a way to avoid jealous friends?
  • Can people keep relations after a divorce?

A friend in need is a friend indeed. How much sense is inside of this expression. Sometimes, we are too busy to call a friend and ask how it is going. Now, it’s a perfect time to do it.

Essay about Gun Control or Instruction for Secure Use

Since ancient times, weapons have been used to procure human food. The first people, our ancestors, used weapons for hunting. It helped them to get food and feed themselves and their families. In certain hands, weapons become a hazardous "toy." Increasingly, there are reports of murders, robberies using weapons.

Nowadays, a gun is a huge problem all over the world. It is mostly used to kill someone or destroy someone’s habitation. The most popular requests:

  • Is a gun a tool of protection or occasion to start a war?
  • Should people have a gun at home?
  • Does the nuclear weapon destroy the world?
  • Should the government control gun production?
  • Does the USA provide Russia with guns?

Any gun is a way of destruction. However, people are creators of the world and life, and a weapon is just an additional tool in the game.