Money Back Guarantee

We treasure each and every customer and approach their orders on a one-to-one basis, taking into account all the critical features of the assignment. One of our essential rules is to be honest with the purchasers; hence we want to explain a little more about our money-back guarantee section particularly. Providing people with more details about things like this is what can help ensure problem-free working process.

Owing to our company’s consistency and solid reputation, our customers demand a refund really rarely. Remember, among numerous services we provide our customers with we have an option of free revision too.

If the situation you have corresponds the instances explained down below, you can undoubtedly expect to have your money refunded. Please be aware that generally, the nuances of your situation may influence whether you receive a full refund or only partial.

100% refund

  1. Two identical orders instead of one
    If you learn that you accidentally placed two orders which seem to be identical, get in touch with our consumer support - it'll help you return the money for the duplicate one. In case the writer has been assigned, and our specialist is working on your assignment, getting a 100 % refund isn't an option anymore. That is why we recommend our customers to place their orders carefully to avoid such a scenario.
  2. Calling the order off before the writer is found
    In cases like this, a 100 % refund is definitely available. You're fully eligible for receiving a 100 % refund in case the writer has not started doing your assignment.
  3. Heavy workload
    We employ only writers skilled enough to handle orders of various complexity, but it's possible that there won't be any matching writers available because we've got a really high workload, and/or the ordered task is very demanding when it comes to specific expertise on a complex topic.
  4. The client was charged twice
    Although we attentively check all the payments and orders, double-billing arises, but very rarely. In case you notice that you've been charged double price for one order, contacting our client support agents is the very first thing you have to do. We would like to underline that a 100 % refund can be done on condition that you have kept the copies of receipt and can show them to us.

Partial refund

Such a refund will be approved when your situation is found corresponding to one of those listed down below in this sub-section:

  1. Issues with meeting the deadlines
    Sometimes, because of various unpredictable conditions, it can be quite hard to cope with timely order delivery. Thankfully, these situations hardly ever happen. The refund is based on several factors, that's why it's discussed individually. Sometimes even client’s actions or non-actions might unintentionally result in a missed deadline. For example, a delayed upload of necessary materials could slow down the author. For this reason, the money-back option may not be available in case of a missed deadline date. Don’t forget to attach all the needed files promptly. It will make sure that your writer produces a top-rate paper for you without any delays.
  2. Cancelling your order while it has been assigned to our specialist
    Taking into consideration the writer’s partial work, you're likely to be refunded with 70% of the whole sum. When there is less than half of the total time remaining to the deadline, the refund will be 50% or less.
  3. Dissatisfaction with the outcome
    Allow us to review your comments concerning our work, and we'll do everything to solve any issues. The refund would be influenced by whether your claims are justifiable and well-founded enough. Because of our writers' abilities, their good track record and dependability, such situations hardly ever take place.
  4. Plagiarized works
    Our major aim when focusing on your tasks is to use only accurate and trustworthy information that is unique and fascinating. Yet, if you send us some proof that your work turned out to be plagiarized, we'll look into your case and, depending on the results, we'll offer you a revision or partial refund.

No refund

  1. In case the mark you received for the paper created by our service isn't as great as you have expected it to be.
    We can guarantee the finest quality of our papers, but we cannot fully ensure the highest mark since it depends not just on the paper but on your professor or presentation of the work too.
  2. You requested editing, formatting, proofreading
    Understand that this kind of services with the previously written paper is always performed without making any alterations to your work’s content. We aren't liable for any complaints concerning the content.

Money-back process

Once we validate the refund request, your money will be paid back over a period not exceeding five business days. When there are some issues with the financial transaction relating to any third-party organizations, keep in mind that such complaints are not subject to review.

Together with all transaction fees, the money-back option is offered only when its amount is larger than 10 USD. If you wish to receive a refund instantly, you're given an opportunity to keep this amount on your account to use it for your future orders.