You might want to read through this section to learn more about how we process the user's private info.

Internet Cookies

Working with the internet cookies collected during your visit, we've got the possibility of undertaking marketing analysis with the help of Google Analytics. Our visitors' private information is secure because web cookies hold only some details about your Internet browsing activity. Eventually, we get aggregate cookie analysis reports from Google to develop further.

Personal information

When you make an order, we ask you to give some crucial data such as your contact details and billing info. You can rest assured that such data is kept fully confidential. Only order-related processes involve its usage. The way we apply provided private details by no means implies sharing it with any third-party organizations for commercial purposes or promotional offers. The only appropriate way it can be utilized would be to notify our clients of any order-associated changes or matters. In case we really need to get in touch with you urgently, we can use your phone number. But, it's applicable only to a limited number of cases like problems with attached files or a lack of instructions.

Visitor information

We can access certain details such as the version of your operating system or your internet browser whenever you visit the web-site. We gather that info to understand your needs better and improve the web-site’s layout, but we never send it to any external entities.

External Links

In case we put some links to other resources on our site, keep in mind that we cannot be held responsible for any material or problems related to these resources. This Privacy Policy section is routinely improved to satisfy ever-changing user demands. All our clients are more than welcome to check the most recent changes to keep abreast.